As a project in university, we were given the task of creating a website, focusing on usability, for avid gardeners. The first thing I did was to create a mood board to plot down everything I already knew on this topic in order to brainstorm.
After this I then did some research in the form of moodboards, which I have not included here. Using this research I decided on a colour scheme and fonts to match these in a font board as seen below.
After creating the font board I then used this colour scheme to create a logo for the website, this was a specified task in the brief. I selected the butterfly design as the logo.
After a further study of the brief I then created a site map which listed all the pages and tasks the website would include
I then created two potential wireframes of each page. I have included one below of the main landing page.
It was also asked of us in the brief, to include a storyboard which would illustrate how to carry out one of the functions asked for the website to carry out. This is the storyboard for registering as a new user

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